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2015-2016 State President:

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Kyle Vohl, PE


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The Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers, recognizing that service to humanity, to our nation and to our state is the fundamental purpose of professional engineering, dedicates itself to the promotion and the protection of the profession of engineering as a social and economic influence vital to the welfare of the community and of all mankind.

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2016 Scholarships NeSPE offers scholarships for high school seniors and college students. The high school scholarship cover letter and application is available. High school applications are due February 1. The college scholarship cover sheet will be available soon.


Publications Archive

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Nebraska has five chapters that are categorized by their location in the state.

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Send in your 2015-2016 Contact Information and Event Updates to:

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Fall 2015 The Nebraska Engineer Now Available

Fall 2015 The Nebraska Engineer (PDF)


Core Beliefs

Engineering is the foundation of our every day lives

Engineers play a vital role in ensuring the public's well-being

Engineering is a distinguished profession

Engineers improve the quality of life

Engineering is a viable and rewarding career

Engineers are leaders



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